A little about Luke Loughlin

A little about Luke Loughlin

Hey, I'm Luke Loughlin, partner of Men United,  Brampton Ontario is where I grew up, surrounded by my folks, Ben and Lucy, and my siblings, Benny and Lindsay. We're a tight-knit, loving crew, and my parents and siblings are the definition of hard workers.

Despite having all the chances in the world, there was a time when I felt like I didn't quite fit into this crazy place we call life. Got diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability around age 9, and somehow, I convinced myself that I was a defective kid destined for failure.

Fast forward to today—I'm on my own recovery journey, advocating for mental health and addiction. The struggle began when I was 14, searching for something to ease the pain. That led to a 15-year rollercoaster of addiction, alcoholism, and mental health battles. Broken relationships, lost jobs, brushes with the law, even time behind bars—life was a chaotic mess.

I took my first shot at sobriety at 27, but it didn't go deep enough into the trauma from my younger years. A 3 1/2-year later relapse had me in a dark place, contemplating the end. That's when I realized I needed extra help—therapy stacked on top of a recovery program. It opened up a whole new chapter of recovery and healing.

My values now? They're the real deal: integrity, growth, spirituality, accountability, courage, vulnerability, relationships, family, community, and service. It's a journey, but I'm on the right path. With my lived experience as an addict and alcoholic struggling with mental health, I hope to help others while I continue my sobriety journey and pass on what I have received.